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Features of Bald Eagle Barns

& Carports in Central Arkansas

  • Buy Outright or Lease to Own

  • No Credit Check

  • 5 treated 4x4 skids.  (3 on 8' wide sheds)

  • Floor joists securely screwed to skids with 8" screws (6" on 8' wide sheds)

  • Treated 2X6 floor joists 16" on center (2X4's on 8' wide sheds)

  • 5/8" Advantech T&G flooring 

  • All framing is high grade 2x4 construction

  • Wall and roof framing is spaced 16" on center

  • Double gusset on every truss joint

  • 50 year treated 'LP Smart Side' siding

  • Two coats of high quality 15 year paint (Sherwin Williams) 

  • 14 attractive paint colors to choose from

  • 40 year PREMIUM 29 gauge metal roofing

  • 15 metal colors to choose from

  • Insulated doors are standard in 3', 4', & 5' sizes    

Do you like to find mice when you go through your stored items? 

Do you enjoy lifting that box and feeling a mouse brush your hand as it hurries to escape?      




Or what about when you are going through your old antique newspapers, and you see mouse dirt in several pages, and at the bottom of the box?              


Would  a Mouse Proof storage building help?  


With a Bald Eagle building, that is exactly what you have! Due to the high quality construction coupled with our tight insulated fiberglass door, you have the BEST value in a storage building available, and we Guarantee it MOUSE PROOF!!!

If you have ever lived thru an Arkansas summer, then you know all about the heat this building will experience. Heat can do amazing things; warp furniture, melt valuables, and create an uncomfortable environment inside your storage building! With our wood siding, your building is still cooler than a metal sided building would be. In addition to this, we now offer you the option of having a Radiant Barrier Roof Decking installed called "Thermostat". This special roof decking has an aluminum foil on the bottom side. When the sun's heat rays hit this barrier, it reflects the heat back outside, not allowing the heat to enter your building thereby keeping your building up to 30 F degrees cooler! Below  are a few of the benefits of choosing "Thermostat" Radiant Barrier!


         - Lowers the inside building temperature up to 30 F degrees 

         - Reflects up to 97% of the sun's radiant energy

         - Energy Star Rated

         - Lowers energy bills for those who heat and cool their building

         - Light reflective - keeps the inside of your building brighter

         - Very affordable


This optional roof decking only costs 65¢ per square foot of floor space! 

This is a one-time charge! The savings are yours for a lifetime!

Metal or Shingle Roofs

40-year premium 29-gauge metal roofing


The roof does more than just look good! It serves as a critical protective barrier between the harsh elements and your valuables. This is the reason we have brought you the 40-year metal roof at no additional charge. Below the metal we install a solid wood decking to ensure your building will not condensate or sweat, which in turn provides a stronger roof system. For those customers who prefer the 30-year Heritage Architectural Shingles, we will help you as well.

Free Setup & Delivery

Our outstanding service extends beyond the sale. We will DELIVER & SETUP your new Bald Eagle Barn, Shed or Garage absolutely FREE of CHARGE!

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