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The Workshop style is a perfect fit for anyone looking to combine style, class, and value with your yard decor. The Workshop gives you a lot of versatility in storage, whether you want to build shelves and workbenches inside, use it to store your lawn mower and atv's, or use it for a hunting cabin in the woods. There are a variety of door options including having the door installed on the side if you prefer. The Workshop is offered in a variety of colors so you can get yours the color you want. 


Wall Height: 7'4"  Upgrade to 8' walls for only $195

Door Size: 60"x72"  (48"x72" on 8' wide building)

Foundation: 5 Treated 4x4 skids (3 skids on 8' wide building)

Floor Joists: Treated 2x6 on 16" centers (2x4 in 8' wide building)

Flooring: 5/8" T&G Advantech Flooring

Framing: 16" on center in the floor, walls, and roof trusses

Siding: Treated LP Smart Side with 50 year warranty

Roofing: 29 gauge premium metal with 40 year warranty

Setup: Free setup, level and solid on concrete blocks

Building & Trim Colors
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workshop portable building

Workshop Buildings in Arkansas

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