Yonderbilt Greenhouses in Cabot, AR

Whether you are wanting to start a full plant nursery business or a small home garden, we offer greenhouses to fit your needs. Yonderbuilt greenhouses are crafted with quality and functionality in mind. With the many choices of options and sizes, you can truly create a space that is your own that not only provides the opportunity to work with your plant, but also give you a beautiful inviting space.

Get started on your dream greenhouse by following the steps below or CONTACT US here at Bald Eagle Barns of Cabot for more information. 

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Choose the size of your greenhouse and the material used for your greenhouse

Yoderbilt Greenhouse Brochure (1).png

Choose the stain of your greenhouse

greenhouse stain color yoder brown
greenhouse stain color yoder grey

Ask about trim color options

8ft wide greenhouses trim    - $75

12ft wide greenhouses trim  - $100

*Silver (Galvalume) comes standard*


Choose one or more of the following add-ons to complete your greenhouse

single dutch door on greenhouse

Single dutch doors can be added to 8ft or 12ft wide greenhouses for $75

greenhouse windows

Vinyl sliding windows are great to add cross-ventilation to your greenhouse and can be added for $150 per window.

greenhouse auto-vents

You can add-on front & rear gable auto-vents that open automatically for $300.

double dutch doors on greenhouse

Double dutch doors are only available on 12ft wide greenhouses for $350


Center Islands give you a convenient workspace & added storage.

3' x 8'   -   $350

3' x 12'  -   $525

greenhouse exhaust fans

Exhaust fans remove excess heat and pull in fresh air. Must be purchased with the electrical package add-on.

8ft wide   -   $300

12ft wide  -   $350

waterproof outlets for greenhouses
waterproof light switches for greehouses

The electrical package adds convenience and functionality to your greenhouse.

Features include:

  • 2 waterproof power outlets

  • 1 waterproof light switch

  • 1 LED overhead light

  • 1 breaker box

8ft wide greenhouse   -   $500

12ft wide greenhouse  -   $600 

greenhouse planting shelves

Add practicality to your greenhouse with planting shelves.


These are great for small to medium sized plants.

You can add these on for $100 per 8ft section