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The Garage was designed for those who need an affordable, portable shelter for their vehicle, golf car, ATV, or large lawn mower.. It also works well for those who enjoy woodworking, tinkering, or simply need a larger hobby shop.


Wall Height:  8'  

Door Size: 8' x 7' roll-up door, 1- 36"x72" insulated walk door

Foundation: 5 Treated 4x4 skids

Floor Joists: Treated 2x6 Floor Joists 12" on center

Flooring: 3/4" T&G water resistant flooring

Window: 1 large window (2x3)

Framing: 12" on center in the floor, walls, and roof trusses

Siding: Treated LP Smart Side with 50 year warranty

Roofing: 29 gauge premium metal with 40 year warranty

Setup: Free setup, level and solid on concrete blocks

Building & Trim Colors

Garages in Central Arkansas

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